At Berners-Schober, our commitment to sustainability is two-fold. We believe in creating healthy environments through high-performance architecture. We are proactively involved in conservation and sustainable practices in our workplace and our community.

Our staff includes 6 LEED™ accredited designers in various disciplines who incorporate sustainable ideology in all of our projects, whether they are targeting LEED™ certification or not. These sound design strategies enable us to produce high-performing facilities that offer healthy environments. An eye toward flexibility of space and life-cycle costing allows our projects to be useful to our clients both now and into the future.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), we support the concept of creating spaces that are environmentally responsible (sustainable), composed of high-performing materials and systems, profitable to operate, and healthy to occupy. We feel that sustainability and the principles of good design are often synonymous. We use them as a basis for design in our projects from front-end site selection to finishes and furniture.