We don’t like to brag (well, maybe we do), but our employees do great things.  They contribute, they donate, they dig in and get involved.  Although Berners-Schober as a firm encourages this, and continues to offer opportunities for our employees to be generous, the truth is, we are inspired by them.  

And we like to have fun. Whether it’s an in-office team health challenge, or a charity golf outing, we integrate good intentions with good actions.  It’s part of what makes us a cohesive team and better members of our communities.

Social awareness

  • Friday jeans donations ($1 to wear jeans on Fridays) were donated to St. John’s Homeless Shelter in Green Bay.
  • Each year we participate in the Salvation Army’s program to adopt a family at Christmas, and provide them with needed and wanted items.

Civic involvement

  • Members of our staff are on the City of Green Bay’s Steering Committee for development of its new Downtown Master Plan.  The committee strives to develop a consensus-based vision for the downtown that is both realistic and achievable.
  • We are active at the Board level with the Brown County Trust for historic Preservation who provides leadership in the preservation of the built environment in the greater Brown County area through advocacy, education, and support.

Healthy lifestyles

  • Our company members who participate in the Fox Valley Marathon as a relay team improved their time by almost half an hour over last year!  Placing third in the corporate category, they set a goal of bettering that for next year.
  • Most of the office joined teams and participated in a friendly competition to improve our own health awareness.  Watching sugars, salts, and tv time, and getting enough sleep and water really kept us on our toes.

Community Groups

  • Kiwanis, Rotary International and Optimists are just a few of the organizations our employees have chosen to be members of.
  • Church organizations and scouting are some of the other areas our staff participates in which strengthen their families and their neighbors.